The Mass Sleep Out #tmso (UK)

This is a UK campaign that WHAD is closely involved with and supporting. The British Government has like most countries been introducing further attacks and cutbacks on its citizens that is causing more hardship and leading to further homelessness.

We oppose this and will do all we can to oppose unjust ‘laws’ wherever they are….

The Mass Sleep Out #tmso is a national day of action on August 24th, 2013. On this day people will gather in towns and cities across the UK and sleep overnight on the streets, raising awareness of the impending mass homelessness brought on by the bedroom tax and other government cuts.

Whilst the highest earners in this country are awarded tax breaks and big business invariably gets away with not paying it’s fair share – or in some cases paying no tax at all – the ConDem coalition is targeting some of the most vulnerable in society to pay for the financial crisis. Many of these people are now facing eviction proceedings as they are simply unable to meet the financial demands being made of them. This cannot be allowed to continue – now is the time to show your disapproval!

We need your help!

There already events planned as part of our national day of action on August 24th in over 50 towns and cities across the UK, but we would like to see this spread further!

If there is no event currently planned for your own town/city, we urge you to consider getting one started. We can offer support for anyone seeking to do so, including help & advise from other event organisers, promotional material to raise awareness of your event and important documents/statistics relating to the bedroom tax.

If you don’t wish to organise an event yourself – and even if you are unfortunately unable to attend on the 24th – there is still plenty you can do to help. We are relying on word of mouth to spread the message of this campaign, so please talk about it to people you see and share on your social media accounts to publicise the campaign as much as possible.

How to get involved:

Facebook Group


One response to “The Mass Sleep Out #tmso (UK)

  1. Brilliant build up to our big day, hope it goes off well. We shall be sleeping out on the steps of Islington Town Hall…

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